Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Im back from my convo in KL. Before that, thanks Woofy for the previous post. =) Appreciated.

Its my 1st time drive to KL alone in my precious BB car. Not knowing any roads at KL, and I manage go to places in 1 piece. HAHA.

Went to an interview on Friday den after that, straight go to LCCT to pick up mum, dad and my cousin sis. It was a fun trip for us and a trip for us as family in duno how many years.

Major transformation is happening now. I hope I made the correct decision. I`ll blog bout this soon. Tml will be my convo studio session with my family. Will upload the pictures soon.

Stay tune oh!!!!


day-dreamer said...

Waiting for photos :P

Kenny Ng said...

Should get GPS ma... but also cannot trust it. I trust myself as mobile GPS... wakakakaka.

Wyn said...

DD : photos will be coming up soon...

Kenny kor : no money to buy gps ler...i use my own memory nia...=( got lost a few times thou...keke