Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 October 2009 - A Day To Remember

Today is a memorable day - It's the graduation day of Meowy!!! Hehe... Finally Meowy finished her degree studies... So happy for her! This makes me remember of her university days when I used to bring her go for breakfast together, having McDonalds breaky before sending her for morning class. And at times, I will bring her for a quick tea after her late noon class before sending her back home. I can still remember fondly how she prepares for her exams... Hehe... Those were the days... So memorable. Hehe...

Meowy is a playful cheeky (and manja also :P) girl, but she is a good student. She did really put her efforts for the exams, and of course, the results are good (even better than me, hohoho :P). Although subjects during second year and third year are more difficult, yet she aimed higher and higher, and getting good results, despite studying subjects that are difficult.

Meowy, woofy is very proud with you. Hugs n kisses to you, hehe...

Congratulations, Meowy! :)