Sunday, May 10, 2009

The past 1 week & Happy Mother`s Day....

I abandoned my blog again...=(

Been busy that have no time to blog...So, been working for 1 week now. Feel so weird. Cause its so different from what I`ve gone tru all this long but i think i can adapt to this situation.

Its so boring during the 1st week there cause i was given nothing to do except for reading through past documents and learning how to apply loans etc.

My supervisor told me that from next week onwards, theres more things for me to do and wont be so boring anymore. haha...He also know that im boring over there. =P

Anyway, I guess i very "weak" lor. Cause hor, after 1 week of work, i fell sick with high fever lor at 39.5 celcius. Parents bought me to see doctor and getting better now.

Haihz...tomorrow is a working day again. Sienz....=( Pray that the days faster goes by and soon, its Saturday again!!!


Ooooo...Its Mama`s Day today. Wish every Mama in this word a very Happy Mother`s Day...

To my Grandma,

Happy Mother`s day to you. Thank you for bringing my mama, ur daughter in this word. Without you, i wunt have such a wonderful, caring, loving mama. Thank you so much.

To my beloved mama,

Mama, i know im not a good girl. I know there are times where i behave badly. Thank you for being patient with me and shape me into who i am today. Thank you for ur unconditional love to me, your caring and concern towards me. I dont know how am i going to repay you but i will do my best to play my part being your daughter. I love you,mama. Happy Mother`s Day!!!

Till then, happy dayz everyone!!!!


day-dreamer said...

Ehh never blog more about your working experience?? :P

Happy Mother's Day to all mamas... hehehe!

And get well soon o! Start working liao must take even more care. :D