Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eventful 3Days: 15th of February (Part 2)

Continued from part 1...

When the night comes, the scene turned to be even more beautiful with the lighting! We took quite a number of photos around Kek Lok Si, from the Guan Yin statue to the Pagoda. Photos after the jump:

The view of Guan Yin statue during night time.

The view of the Pagoda from outside the entrance.

The main entrance of the Pagoda.

Inside the Pagoda area, at the main temple.

The view of Pagoda from the entrance. The lighting is so beautiful!

The steps to the Pagoda.

The surrounding of the Pagoda. Nice!

It took us more than 1 hour to visit the main temple and the Pagoda area. We didn't go into the Pagoda as we need to pay a few bucks for the entrance fee. We left Kek Lok Si at 10 plus to go for our dinner. Hmm... How I wish I can have a better camera and take more nicer photos...


Chev said...

Your night shot still okie mah. It is not easy to take night shot even with better camera. Needs a pair of super steady hand and better still if there is tripod :)

Wyn said...

jiejie, if got better camera, those pictures will be more sharper mah hor?

we saw an uncle with those super keng camera taking those pictures...nice lor...