Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wind of Change - A New Era in Malaysia's Politics

8 March 2008. A historic day. For the first time, the opposition party claimed 5 states. For the first time, the National Front faced such huge loss in the nation's general election. For the first time, the opposition party surprisingly taken two of the National Front's strongholds - Perak and Selangor. Before this, there's not even a slight hint that the opposition party has such surge of strength to win so many seats. Now, the invincible image of the National Front has shattered to pieces.

To me, this might not sound as bad as it appears to. At least, this is the time for the ruling party to wake up and realise that people are not satisfied with the current government, and seeking for a change. The people's awareness are higher, and become more active in seeking a better governance.

Now, what we hope is that the National Front will take this lesson well, be more humble and be more efficient in ruling the country. Run policies that benefit people too, not only for the government. For the Opposition Front, hope that you are not giving blank cheques to people who put their trust in you.

Lets be calm, and hope for a better future.