Monday, June 4, 2007

Its Been Some Time....

Been some time didn't blog already. So fast, it`s the month of June, middle of the year. Time do flies fast, arent they?

Anyway, its been sometime too that i didn't blog bout food. So, let me start my 1st post in the month of June with yummy yummy food.Hee Hee.

I`ve been having seafood as my dinner for 2 weeks in a row now but not on daily basic laa... Its on weekly.It started when I told Woofy that I wana eat "chut-chut" (dats what i called Balitong). So, he brought me and my mama to a restaurant located at town to eat that night.

And this is what we had as our dinner that nite.....

The Balitong

Grilled Stringray ( its very very spicy lor)

Its kinda cheap for those thou. It just cost us for RM19 for both Balitong and the grilled stringray.Then Woofy ordered this as side dishes as he scared that I might not be full by just eating the Balitong and Grilled Stringray.

Some sort of Taiwanese food. Forget the name already but duno called what bento

That Taiwanese food also kinda cheap for that kinda portion that includes fried chicken with cheese, vegetables, egg and rice. Its just at RM8 and it comes with a soup too.

ps: is the picture above small? cuz from what im previewing, the picture is kinda small. =(


day-dreamer said...

The picture size is okay, but can't see the bento clearly. And I thought bento is under Japanese cuisine?

Sigh, don't know why, I just can't get the gist of sucking a balitong correctly. So, everytime just watch my cousins suck until syiok syiok. :(

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

yea...bento is under Japanese cuisine...but that shop is not selling Japanese food but Taiwanese food....I think its Taiwanese style mebb..`re not older cousin sister also cant suck the balitong...mebb you can try d other method which is before sucking it, try to suck it at the back 1st? den only suck out the meat from its opening...mebb that will help..=)