Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby(ies) is here!!

There are a few happy days happened last month. Thus, the title is as Baby(ies). =D

This post is for Baby no.1 which I`ve been waiting for so long and finally, she`s here. Hehe. A new member to our family!

Presenting my beautiful cute niece,Shanice Lim who`s born on 21st Aug 2011,2:52pm.

Till date, she`s 15days old now. She grew bigger day by day and cheekier everyday. For example, she dislike water so much that she will pretend to be sleeping if we fed her water. And, she`s super cranky if not given he r milk on time.

My sister said she likes water so much that her fav time is her bathing time that she will uses her legs to splash the water and laugh along. So cute. She`s easy to be taken care of to. Most of the time, she will be sleeping,sleeping and sleeping. When she woke up, its time for her milk and soon after that, she doze off again.

And, I notice something. She`s very sensitive to camera. Whenever I pointed camera at her, her eyes will look at the camera and stay still for me to shoot a picture of her.

Cant wait to bring her out and her to call me. Miss her so much now. Havent been seeing her for 2 days now. Cant wait to see her again.

Love you much,Shanice!


day-dreamer said...

LOL at first I thought is yours... :P

Wyn said...

hahaha...swt =-="

not so fast laa...keke

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LOL at first I thought is yours... :P


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