Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sudden crave...

Im craving for a bowl of "zhi ma wu" (black sesame paste) since last nite. I`ve been searching over the internet for dessert shop in Penang that sell the "zhi ma wu".

Finally, i found 1 dessert shop that sell this kind of dessert. So, we fast fast get ready and head to town as the shop will be closed at 10.30pm.

Then, upon reaching, i looked at d menu but theres no "zhi ma wu" or black sesame paste. So dissappointed. T___T

But, because that we have reached the shop and dont want to waste the petrol, we settled down with the menu.

The menu with no black sesame paste

Woofy ordered black congee with Longan (we called them as 'bee ko moi' in hokkien)

My mama ordered ginger extract with milk.

And me, ordered a double boiled papaya with almond.

But i only ate half of it cause i really really really want the 'zhi ma wu'.

Anyone living in Penang can tell me where i can have d 'zhi ma wu'??

Anyway, if you want to know, the shop is called Sugar Dynasty Food Delight. Located at Nagore Road.


day-dreamer said...

Eee... I only like fresh papaya. Hahaha~

Zhi ma wu so nice meh? :x

Chen said...

i know that Sugar Dynasty shop, but never makan inside :P

dunno where got sell chi ma wu in Penang ah. I know KTZ in KL area/SS2 got lah :P

I only know the DIY instant chi ma wu available in supermarket

Wyn said...

DD : i lama din eat d...d taste not bad laa...go try laa...hehe...

chen jiejie : woofy said KL jiejie said 1 lor...

supermarket 1 is 3 in 1 mah right?my mum buy b4..but i dun like d taste lo