Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh Fishies....

Im so happy when i heard from Apple who said that theres 1 newly open shop where they offered fish spa...Yea, its FISH SPA where you dip in ur feet for the fishies to bite.=P

I thought i need to go to KL in order to have 1 session of it but now, its available in Penang now. So happy. The shop is located at the lastest hang out place - New World Park. Thus, me and my friends went there to tried them out as they were offering introductionary price or promotion price at RM18 for 30 minutes.

The shop name - Happy Feet

The interior

Before you dip in ur feet, you need to go to the end of the shop to wash ur feet. This is to prevent smelly feet or dirty feet and will make the fishies sick or dirty the water.

The fishies - Garra Rufa Fish aka Dr. Fish

Fishies come bite bite

So many of `em

At the end of the session, your feet will have soft and clean feeling as the fishies bite off the dead skin at your feet. The shop has a great ambiance too with smoothing music. Great for hanging out with friends while having your feet massage and some cleansing.

The promotion ends at 16th of June. After that , the price will be at RM 28 for 30 minutes.

Fishies around the feet


Chen said...

Oooh, I saw the shop Happy Feet from afar yesterday night and wondered what is it about, as I had dinner together with a fren in New World Park yesterday night. Didn't notice the word "Fish Spa" at the bottom of the name :P

Did u feel any differences after the fish spa session? Is it worthy? :P

Wyn said...

yea..its alot softer that before...and nice to touch also...hehe..cuz previously, my feet especially the tip of my sole there kinda rough 1...

i feel its worth it lor...not always mer...hehe..=P

day-dreamer said...


Not geli meh? :x

Wyn said...

its geli at 1st...but after u overcomethe ticklish feeling, u`ll feel relax and used to d feeling d...

then, u can feel "vibration" feeling...its fun...