Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My latest baby....^ v ^

Allow me to 'brag' for a moment. Hehe. After almost half a year of admiring my friend`s lover, finally, its my turn to own it. All thanks to Woofy. ( so happy )

My baby

My new PSP. Woofy bought it for me as my birthday present on the 1st of May ( my birthday ) hehe. Im torn between the blue and pink colour but in the end, i chose the pink 1.

My new baby - Pinkish so girly

Back view

So slim

D feeling is so nice when holding the PSP. So happy but now, im eying on PS3 cause my mum approve me to get 1. So, lets hope that Woofy gona get me 1 soon...Maybe, as my next year birthday present? so greedy...=P


day-dreamer said...



Envy envy.

Wyn said...


Chen said...

Syiok lah U :)
so i presume u will be busy playing PSP the next few days? :P

Wyn said...

jiejie: for 1st days laa...but now, it seems like belong to my mum d lor...

cuz she`s d 1 who`s busy playing with it...hehe