Monday, June 23, 2008

Crazy weather..

Lately, the weather in Penang went into crazy mode. Rain almost everyday. Although theres nothing to complain about coz who likes hot weather , right?

But it is that crazy cause it rained for a few minutes, then, Mr.Sun came out for a few minutes. Then Miss Rain come pouring her tears again. This routine like going on and on. Feels really weird.

I think its the same situation for other states as well? Whats really happening to this world now? 1st, ppl said that the iceberg at those South or North pole are melting. Then, somewhere in China facing flood. (shake head)

But anyway, must make full use of this cold weather at this moment to take a short nap. =P Keke.


day-dreamer said...

Yalo. Crazy weather. Make me sick. T_T

Chen said...

the weather is still hot despite the on & off rain :(

Wyn said...

DD : aiks? must take more rest oh...din drink leung char mah? hehe

chen jiejie: ya kah? but my place very cold ler...hehe