Sunday, June 1, 2008

And now, i wana start trading too....

Yes, I wanna start trading now, after hearing from Meowy about a story. It seems impossible, but it's true! Have you heard bout the story that start from one red paperclips and after much trading with one and another that the final product that this person recieved is a house?

Don`t believe me, don`t you? Very unlogical and untrue ya?

The main character in this story is Kyle MacDonald. He is a Canadian. One day, an idea popped out in his mind - trading his red paperclip with another person for a more valuable thing.

The first thing he got as a return from the trade is a fish-shaped pen. With the fish-shaped pen, he then traded in for a hand-sculpted doorknob. Of course, the hand-sculpted doorknob is not enough for him. Through another successful trade exchange, he got himself a Coleman camp stove, then a Honda generator through the trading exchange with the Coleman camp stove.

Here comes a series of incredible trades:

With the Honda generator, he traded for a "Instant Party" set that consists an emtpy keg, beer and a "Budweiser" neon sign. And the next thing - it might sound too good to be true - he traded the Instant Party set for a snowmobile! Isn't that abit too "kua cheong"?? Within a week after he got the snowmobile, he exchanged it for a trip to British Columbia. Even before he managed to plan for the trip, the second person to the trip had offered him something that the value is much higher - a cube van! How insane these people can be!

About a month after that, he traded in the cube van for a recording contract with Canada's Metal Works, and then traded it to Jody Grant, an American singer. In return, he got a year's free rent for Jody's place. Even before he move in to the place he rented, he traded in the one-year-rent for an afternoon with Alice Cooper, an American rock singer.

After that, he gave up the chance to meet Alice Cooper, and traded the chance to get a KISS-motorized snow globe.(!!!!) With the special snow globe, he got himself a chance for a role in the film Donna on Demand. ( Astro On Demand, i know laa )

Then there comes the final trade - he traded the movie role opportunity for a house. YES, HE GOT A HOUSE! Crazy as it seems, but it is dead true. If you don't believe it, google for yourself - one redpaperclip. If it's not convincing enough, this news was aired in CNN, ABC news, and BBC news as well.

You can also try trading today, but success or not, no gerenti-lah. Reminder, do not trade with your smelly stockings. No one will want it. Ha ha