Sunday, August 1, 2010

Made up my mind =D

Well, its been sometime since I said I wanted to further my studies and anyone of you guys still remember, I wrote bout it somewhere last year. To choose between a professional certificate - CFA or master.

At that point of time, I do actually made up my mind that I wanted to take up CFA. I knew it will be hard and it actually took a lot of effort to pass. With the low passing grade, Im scared to take it up. I have no confident that I can actually see the result that I wanted in let say 3-5 years time. So, I asked for some advice from a very good friend of mine whom worked in investment industry, he pointed the pros and cons to me.

As much as Im interested in Finance and having a CFA will definitely help in my future, I feel that its not a good choice for me. Yeah, I really scared to take up that challenge. Maybe sometime in the future?

Thus, I've decided that I will take up Master in Finance. Focusing in just Finance. Then, will only decide if I wanted to continue with CFA or not. =D

Been hunting for uni lately and found some uni which caught my interest. Have shortlisted a few and planning out something in order to make things work. Hehe.

Hope this is the best for me. Hehe. I am happy with my decision at this moment.


day-dreamer said...

You have my support. Go go girl!! :)

Vampire said...

good luck ! hope you succeed in chasing your dreams :D

Wyn said...

DD: thanx alot...=D

Vampire: thanx alot...=D