Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scared hell of me!!!

I had a real fright just now. My MSN and Facebook account was hacked by a hacker.

It happened when a friend of mine nudged me at MSN. She is my coursemate from Uni, thus, no suspect. But, i began to suspect something by the way this person chat with me using "babe", "miss you" etc.

Then, this person tried to video call me. My mistake, i clicked on the "decline" icon. Then, this person send me this message " haha, you lose" and i was stupid enough to reply with a "huh". After that, this person replied me " im a hacker. i change you msn password and hack your facebook account"

I was so scared that i quicky exit my msn and tell Woofy bout it. He helped me in everyway he can. I then tried to log into my msn and facebook but was shown by a message saying incorrect password. I was so scared and sad.

Woofy told me to be calm and i tried to log in my hotmail hoping that its ok. Luckily, its ok and i tried to retrieve everything from there.

Am now manage to gain back my msn and facebook account. My hands are still shaking now.

Will need to be more careful when online now. Please dont make me go all over this again. Im scared.


Will said...

wah so terror ah

Kenny Ng said...

just get hacked, not killed, no need so scare la.