Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eventful 3days : 14th of February

We had a rather eventful 3days staring from the 14th of Febrauary to 16th of February.

Let us start from the 1st day of the 3days events. As you all know, on the 14th of February is the Valentine`s Day but this year, we chose not to celebrate it cuz for some reasons la. Hehe but the main reason was on that day itself was the Chinese mainly Hokkien people praying the Gof of heaven of known as The Jade Emperor (Tian Gong). It also marked the actual day for the Hokkien people to celebrate their New Year. Some culture lo. =)

Our journey started at ard 9 ish pm.....its hard to look for a parking space unless you wanted to pay RM5 to secure a parking space lor....

Anyway, we manage to look for a parking space which was quite far from our destination and will needed some walking to get there.

This is the main gate to the temple.

And along the roadside to the temple which was located at the peak of the slope, there was this huge groups of beggars asking and waiting for "donation" from the public.

Half way to the temple. Almost there !!!! After some climbing, legs also started to pain d....o.O

Aaaaahhhhh....the final gate to the temple. We`re there !!!!

Before we proceed to the temple to pray, this is the scenery from the peak of the slope... Took some time to reached to the top....

Then, we went to pray but din take any pictures inside...=P

After spending some time (i think ard 2hour ++) inside the temple, we leave the place to cure our grumbling tummy cuz we havent had our dinner !!!

And on our way down from the temple, we spotted this lonely turtle....

With this, we ended our 1 day event and 2 more to go....Stay tune....!!! =)