Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And we go makan at "Em Em" place.....

Before starting to write bout my main post. Wanted to said that, I finally can online as usual now as the line finally revived and going ok, so far. * Please, dun die on me again.*

Today was a very tiring day for me but also a happy day. This is because, I woke up early for my 9am class which carried on until 6:30 pm. *tired and sleepy*

Anyway, after my class at 12pm. Me and my friends , Apple and Girlie wait at the computer lap for 1 more hour for another friend of ours, Cheryl to makan. Our destination for the day : T-Bowl @Queensbay. Imagine from town, we need to travel for around 20 minutes to QBM on motorbike. Urg, the hot sun and hor weather.

We reached QBM at around 1:30pm. We`re so hungry at that time that we straight went to the shop to makan. The shop is kinda unique as the concept of the shop is toilet and bathroom. The design is so cute.

Here`s some of the picture from the shop and the food that we ordered :

The front desk

The interior design

The menu

Our drinks

Our food (mam mam on ma thong)

The food was ok. The price was abit turn off as it was beyond our expectation. It came at RM73 ++ including taxes where the tax alone is around RM10.

Anyway, after that, we went window shopping and walk around till around 4:30 pm. Then, we rushed back to college for our class.

Happy happy....

I * heart * u...

Unrelated picture...but nice right?Hehe =)


day-dreamer said...

Your streamyx ok liao become my streamyx sucks. Today port down TWICE! @.@

LOL. Cute concept cafe. Haha. Eat on toilet bowls. Got stink anot? :P

Wyn said...

Streamyx ok oni ler...but once it reached ard midnight or became gila again...just like Cinderella... stink wor...just feel got d urge to go...LOL...=P