Monday, October 20, 2008

She`s so cute.

Aint she cute?

Saw this cutie at an Indian shop near d Little India street at Penang. She is a pure breed Min Pin at just 2 months old. The owner have 3 little Min Pins where 2 are girls and d other 1 is a boy.

Learn from the owner that the puppies` mum died when she`s giving birth and there are still 2 unborn little babies inside her tummy which unable to see the light. So sad...T__T

So cute ler. Feel like want to kidnap her back. Hehe. But i guess, i will face difficulties communicating with her cause she only respond in Tamil. =.=


Winn said...

haha why this min pin sits like this !! so cute la

Chen said...

she is only 2 months old?
why so big geh??
might be she's a pinscher instead of miniature pinscher :)

love the way she sits
so "human"

Wyn said...

winn jiejie : haha...d way she sit very cute right? hehe...

chen jiejie: she`s not dat big...she`s actually very small size nia..close shot gua...=P smaller than my uncle`s Coco leh..

d way she sit very natural...=P

Chen said...

when ah boy was 3 months old time, he was slightly bigger than my palm nia :)

Wyn said...

ahboy makan sikit..hehe..

dat lil` doggie`s bro lagi big lor...the owner said he makan banyak...his name very cool 1..called "raul"


kyh said...

hhahahahaa ah boy is being mistreated by chen. *run away and hide*