Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Its been sometime since I blogged properly. I`ve been neglecting this blog for so long and I wonder if there`s still anybody who will drop by and read.

There`s been alot of changes lately. From personal to work life. But, to sum it up, its been good. Really good. Im happy with the way things goes for me. But of course, I do want it to be better. I hope it will. =) Be positive!!

I`ve changed work again. After 3 months in an enjoyable workplace, I decided to move away from that phase and start to go back to where I should belong. Im working in my favorite field now - Finance. I hope it will bring me good and learn lots of things which can help me in my future.

Started work on Monday and work are piling up for me. I can actually feel the pressure now and its just my second day at work but, im loving it. Guess this is where i should be. I can expect more pressure once my manager go off for her maternity leave and leave me in charge of the whole finance department.

And, I also looked forward to the 4th quarter as my manager said gona teach me do auditing. So excited. I know im on the right track now or i should say, i hope i am.

For personal life, Im having a blast! With the perfect time with perfect people around me. Having someone to listen to my problems, share my ups and downs, going on a journey with me. I could say, this is all good. Hope it last till whenever it can...=)

There are some trips that Im looking forward to but its all uncertain now. Will try my best to make it all work out.


Vampire said...

i still read.. :P
changed job again? where now?

Wyn said...

thanks, Vampire...hehe i worked at krystal point...