Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Woke up this morning with one big and one small eyes. The smaller eye is reddish, swollen, abit itchy and painful.

Mum asked me to consult doctor first before decide I wanted to have MC or not. So, i went to the panel clinic nearby my office just in case i was ok to go to work.

Then, doctor said im infected with conjunctivitis/eyes infection and am given 2days MC and need to follow up on Thursday. If am given 2days MC in the middle of the month, i'll be very happy but end of the month, not so happy. Cause, once I go to work on Thursday, I'll be busy like hell. Haiz....

Guess, I wunt even have time to have my lunch by then. Just received message from my colleague that there's alot of pending tasks waiting for me to do. Pressure....T.T


Vampire said...

kesian~ get well soon~!
so u cant watch Inception on your MC?

day-dreamer said...

Aiyo! Take MC liao rest nicely at home la... don't think about the workload waiting for you on Thursday first, later cure slower ah!!

Get well soon k? *hugs*

Wyn said...

Vampire: hows ur movie? hehe...haiz...i still havent watch ler...

DD: thanx...cant stop myself from thinking leh..=(