Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Today, 22 years ago, a baby girl was born to a couple who lives in a small town, Penang. She’s their 1st born child and the only child. She was given the best of everything that the couple could afford. They give her endless care, support, love, attention, protection and concern. When the girl is unhappy, they will try their best to make her happy and when she is happy, they will be the one who cheer with her. When she’s sick, they will be the one who worried her the most. She’s like the gem or diamond to her parents. She gets everything that she desire.

During her school days, her parents will be the one who gets more excited than her during the 1st day of each year. When she can’t do her homework, her parents will be there to guide her and support her and even help her to do her homework. When she fails in her studies, her parents will not scold her but rather give her advice on what to do in the future.

Now when she grew older, she vowed that, she will give the best to both of her parents in the future and to repay back them for they had done to her even thou it is impossible to repay everything that her parents had done for her. She tries to be the best daughter to her parents and wants to make her parents proud.

So, here I am today, the baby girl who is 22 years old, I know I still haven’t done anything that make my parents proud but always make them worry. But, I would like my parents to know, that I trying hard to study well and to become a better person in the future. A person who can provide the best for them for what they had done for me. A person who they rely to. A person who will take care of them forever. A person who love them forever. A person who support them like how they support me through out my life.

I would like to thank you my parents for giving me the best of everything. For their love, concern, protection, care and support. For their time and tolerance when I’m throwing tantrums. Thank you for bring me to this world and give me the chance to be your daughter.

I would like to say this to both my parents,

"Mama and Papa, I love you."


Chen said...

happy birthday :)
big girl liao..
must learn to be independent liao :)

day-dreamer said...

Ooo... Happy Birthday, 姐姐!:D

What a touching post, by the way... :)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

chen jiejie: hehe..thank you for d bday wishes...btw, really got no pressie ar?

day-dreamer : thank you for ur wishes too and bout the post...hehe...

dino said...

opps... i forget your b'day.. LOL

Chen said...

ini budak..
everyday ask for pressie only..

i bought something for u as birthday pressie, when u free to come & collect? :P

dino said...

chen, u bought the sagu worm for her?? LOL

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...jiejie, really got pressie? YAY....YAY.....*jump up and down*

mama, werz my pressie? you no gimme geh?

Will said...

oops forgot... happy belated bday :P

dino said...

here is the pressie..

@@@ @@@
@@@@@ @@@@@

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

will: thanx

dino mama: matt lei geh?

dino said...

u guess lei??