Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bukit Tinggi : French Village

Continuing from the previous post. We drove for a few minutes and we reached the French Village. Well, at the time we`re the village, there's nothing much happening except for few tourists walking around and some having a break at nearby coffee houses. Maybe due to our weekdays visit but during weekends, there'll be a lot of activities there.

In side the French Village with X'masy deco.

Top view

We stay there for a few minutes. After that, we walked around the village and we saw these cuties.....

White swan which they kept under the bridge.There are 2 white swans actually.

Black swan

The couple (i think)

Then, we look see look see around and we saw black clouds. Sign of heavy rain which means, we needa leave Bukit Tinggi already.

Look at the sky.Dark Dark liao...

BUT, before Woofy headed to the highway, i asked him to stop at d foot of the hill as i want to have a look at their "mini-zoo".

Too bad, the "mini-zoo" closed by the time we reached there. SO, we sneaked in using the back gate..(heehee)

The donkey. So busuk nia...Ewwwww

Another view of the donkey

Then we reached to the deer section. There this male deer naik miang (you know what i mean) and we saw it going around chasing the female deers to *ahem*. Caught the pic, but guess not so appropriate to post here. Hee hee...

A rather small size deer

A bigger size deer

I want to visit their section where they kept rabbits but was closed too due to the time. Next time maybe...We went back to KL after that.

On our journey back, the sky was so gloomy.And we even caught in the jam on the highway

Dark clouds

Jam but take a look at the mist

From afar, it looked like smoke

As for the jam, it turn out to be a truck had turn-turtle.


Chen said...

Looks so similar as Fraser Hill?
issit the same place ah?

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

no ler...

different place...

dino said...

nvr been there b4.. :(