Monday, September 24, 2007

Some combination style of chicky rice

Fancy some chicken rice but kinda sick of those normal "pak cham kai" style but couldn`t find Ipoh`s famous "Nga Choi Kai" at Penang?

Well, maybe you would like to try this shop out. Its some combination of Hainanese chicken rice but with some touch of Thai style. Sound complicated? Hee hee...

Actually, its nothing that special also laa. Just some normal chicken but what special are their rice and also the chili sauce and oh, their special soya sauce. Me likey. =)

So, here it is...

The chicky meat with their special sauce.

The kinda special rice - brown colour rice but its not brown rice

The soup with lotsa MSG.

And last but not least, the special chili sauce.

And the bill, RM10 for 2 person. The result, Happy me and full full tummy. =)

Oh, if you`re a Penangite and would like to try the chicky rice out. Its opposite the Komtar (i think is called Penang Road) where there`s a bus stop but not the main 1. If you get what i mean. hee hee...=P


day-dreamer said...

Wah, hungry now. Jom makan!