Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cheap Set Lunch

Mum brought me to La Cabana for lunch few weeks back. This time, we get it right as the lunch was indeed as what the menu said unlike previous weeks before.

With Rm9.90 perset, you get the soup-of-the-day, set meal of your choice (a few to choose from only), dessert and drinks (coffee , tea or me....) *wink* I add the 3rd choice myself. Keke...

As usual, as you have taken your seat, they served you bread as the appetizer. I ordered Grilled Chicken with special sauce (duno what name adi) and my mum ordered a Grilled Fish with duno-what-sauce (also forget the name).

After that, they will serve you the dessert which was the mango pudding. Kinda of yummy. Not too sweet and not too bland. Just nice.

Soup of the day - Mushroom soup (yummy and creamy)

Mum`s Grilled Fish (kinda small portion but filling)

My Grilled Chicken (taste yummy)

The dessert - Mango Pudding (can eat with some condense milk)

Coffee ( but you can choose tea also)

The bill came out - RM 19.80 for 2 set. No service charge or tax . Cheap, ei? hehe...