Saturday, September 6, 2008


Rain pours and drips from the eaves.

The gentle sound of rain is a good sound block in the middle of a busy life of the city.

The gentle and slightly irregular rhythm of the falling rain drops can put you right in the mood to solve a vexing problem.

Life is beutiful, ain`t it?

*on a side note, cant watch astro if its raining...=( so sucks... but still, I love rain..hehe*


day-dreamer said...

Yeah yeah, rain rocks! Haha.

Psst...! Whenever it's raining in the afternoon, I sure tell myself, "feel very sorry to myself leh, if I don't go and sleep in this weather". LOL!

Have you watched my fireworks video? :P

Wyn said...

ya cold..then hide inside the blanket..warm warm n cold nice... d nice...

cc said...

Life is indeed beautiful if we choose to focus on the positive sides of it.
Beautiful picture! :)

Wyn said...

hehe..but the picture , i copy from other site 1...=P