Monday, January 11, 2010

Movies so far,....

** Edited**

Been to cinema quite frequent ever since my best buddy came back from KL for his break...We went to cinema almost every 3 dayz...

The 1st movie that we watched was Sherlock Holmes. Actually, we wanted to watch Avatar 3D but the tickets for all the slots was sold out. Then, we thought of watching The Bodyguard and Assassin. However, tickets also sold out. So, we changed it to Sherlock.

The movie is not that bad thou. In my opinion, its abit illogical lo. Cuz, Sherlock is so genius. He`s more hebat than those CSI people. He knows what kind of mud or sand by just touching it. Hehe...

My rating : 3.5 /5 (should be higher if minus the illogical part)

The 2nd movie was Alvin and The Chipmunks : The Squeakquel. I enjoyed this movie cuz the chipmunks are so cute. Cuteness overdose. Haha.

My rating : 4/5

Then, followed by our much awaited Avatar 3D on Monday. Waited 2 weeks for this movie. ZZZZZ...Need I say more? Hehe

My rating : 5/5 (really like this)

We went to watch The Imaginarium of Dr Panarssus on Wednesday. Haha. We`re sucha movie goer. Hmm. This movie is a fantasy film which is kinda complicated if you don`t understand the plot. Sumore the movie lasted for 2hrs plus. Abit long thou.

Hint : do read the synopsis before you go watch this movie.

My rating : 2.5/5 (the movie is not that bad, with great casting but its abit too hard for my understanding)

Oh ya, I also went to watch The Princess and the Frog with my cousin before Xmas. This is not your typical Disney fairytale but me and my cousin enjoy every bits of it.

My rating : 4/5

Our next movie on our list is Cirque du Freak: The Vampire`s Assistant. Going watch it this Wednesday, Movie Day. Haha..


day-dreamer said...

The Squekquel & The Princess and The Frog... GOOD!! I likey. Hehe.

The OST also nice!! :D

Vampire said...

You should give ratings... how many stars out of 5 or 10 :D

Wyn said...

DD : yea likey too...*high 5*

Vampire : ooo...good idea...hehe...