Sunday, July 25, 2010


Life is all about lies?

Why always lie to me?

I wanted to trust u but you keep letting me down.

The feeling sucks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Woke up this morning with one big and one small eyes. The smaller eye is reddish, swollen, abit itchy and painful.

Mum asked me to consult doctor first before decide I wanted to have MC or not. So, i went to the panel clinic nearby my office just in case i was ok to go to work.

Then, doctor said im infected with conjunctivitis/eyes infection and am given 2days MC and need to follow up on Thursday. If am given 2days MC in the middle of the month, i'll be very happy but end of the month, not so happy. Cause, once I go to work on Thursday, I'll be busy like hell. Haiz....

Guess, I wunt even have time to have my lunch by then. Just received message from my colleague that there's alot of pending tasks waiting for me to do. Pressure....T.T

Friday, July 16, 2010

~~~~Rainbow with love~~~~

I saw a beautiful rainbow on my way to work yesterday. The rainbow is rather low not like the usual one that you saw in the sky.

The one I saw was just across the mountain. Such a pretty sight and it made my day.

Hmm..Don`t know if you guys can see it from the picture cuz its not very clear.

I remember when I was still a small girl, I used to ask my dad to "make" rainbow for me. You know, spray the water tru the water hose directly under the sun to make the effect? I love that. It always make me laugh. Those were the days.....

I just love rainbow.