Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dinner @ Dragon-I

When I knew that they opened an outlet at Queensbay Mall, I had this mix feeling of both excited and skeptical. Skeptical because after reading some blogs about them (both positive and negative statements from those bloggers), feel kinda scared to try. Excited cuz got new variety of food to eat mer...Hee hee...
Anyway, we went Dragon-i to have our dinner few weeks ago cuz I really kenot tahan the shop and just want to try it out. Haih...-.-

The kitchen of the restaurant is purposely located at the front corner of the restaurant, surrounded by transparent glass so that customers will be able to witness the skills of the cooks. The cooks were hired from various regions in China, each unique in their area of specialization.

As we stepped inside the restaurant, there were these 4 statues welcoming us.

The 4 statues.

The view of the entrance from inside.
Pictures on the wall.
The menu.
The culteries.

The seasoning.

We ordered 4 dishes on that day: Sze Chuan Spicy La Mian, Water Chestnut Minced Pork Rice, Plain Shang Hai La Mian and the famous Shang Hai small Dumpling. When we first eat the dishes, we were quite surprised that despite some negative comments from people, we found that the dishes are quite delicious actually. The taste of every dish is not too rich, which suits our preference. The soup of the Sze Chuan La Mian is quite special, with some grinded peanuts in it. As for the Shang Hai Small Dumpling, you have to be cautious when you're trying to take it with chopsticks. If the way you hold the dumpling with chopsticks is incorrect, the soup in the dumpling WILL FLOW OUT! Keke...

Water Chestnut Minced Pork Rice.

Plain Shang Hai La Mian.

Sze Chuan Spicy La Mian.

Shang Hai Small Dumpling.
A close up on the dumplings.

We really enjoyed the dinner. Quite satisfied with the taste of the dishes. Quite worth for a sub RM60 meal. Hehe...


day-dreamer said...

I've been to Dragon-i in 1U before! Damn nice! But rather pricey lo...

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Yea lor..kinda pricey lor...budden if compare the price with its quality..

worth also opinion anyway..hehe...=P

Chen said...

How much is the Shanghai siu long pao (the one in the last picture)?

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Oh...RM 8 for 4 bijik...

jiejie nak pii makan ya?


Chen said...

Only if i visit Queensbay Mall lah. No plan yet to do so :D