Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Foods we love

Not long ago we got tagged by ahboy the handsome miniie pinnie. Wah, he loves CHAR SIEW worrrr. Hmm..... Actually hor, we love foods from Kim Gary. It's nice, plus the price is quite affordable. We go there very often, sometimes for lunch, sometimes for tea time, and sometimes for dinner. We frequent there until those staffs there know us, and often refer us as "VIP", hehehe.... At times, we have special privilleges, and we don't need to wait for too long although there's a long queue, keke.... Jealous leh?

Among so many kinds of foods in Kim Gary, our favourite is the Cheese Baked Rice. I don't know why but somehow, everytime we go there, this Cheese Baked Rice will be in our order list. We just love the taste and the thick layer of the cheese on top of the rice. We're cheese lover, thus, for us, the thicker the cheese layer the better. Haha.

This is the Cheese Baked Rice. The top portion is a thick layer of yummy cheese. The cheese, after it's baked, smells so niceeeeee.......

Uiyooo...... Cheesy cheesy...... Keke


*** Start Copy ***

Proposition: What is your favourite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food & show delicious picture(s) of it.

Quantity: Tag 5 people.

Tag Mode: You leave their blogs and post links and add to the list below:

Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia
JustMyThoughts loves Penang Char Koay Teow
My Lil Venture loves Laksa Sarawak
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Misha loves tim sum in Hong Kong
Kenny Ng loves Jawa Mee
wmw loves Kuih Tutu
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Pinkelle loves Mee Siput and Keropok Lekor
LB loves Siew Kai Pai Kuat Tungku Chap
day-dreamer loves Secret Recipe Chocolate Cakes
JoeC loves Vietnam food
kyh loves Sar Hor Fun
Ah Boy loves Char Siew
Woofy and Meowy love Cheese Baked Rice

*** End Copy ***


day-dreamer said...

Oi this is not Malaysian food la... :P

But Kim Gary really nice. :)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

cheh...u also secret recipe mia cake ler..

keke...kidding kidding...

=P belanja u makan KG wen u here lor..dun merajuk laa...keke

day-dreamer said...

Secret Recipe founded in Malaysia de leh... :P

Wah... you need belanja me many things lo... LOL!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

ya kah?keke...

but kim gary open kat malaysia also mah...=P

"die also argue sampai hidup" hee hee..

den u sau mm sau sin? (belanja part) =P