Friday, July 13, 2007

Pirate Master

I watched this reality show called the "Pirate Master" last Tuesday which was their premier show on Astro channel 17 at 9pm. If you watched "Survivor" before, you`ll find that the concept are almost if not identical.

This is because, "Pirate Master" is a show created by Mark Burnett who is also the creator of the popular reality show "Survivor".

This show goes like this....

Each week, the contestants are divided into two crews, Black and Red, to hunt for the treasure indicated by the maps and clues obtained from the most recently opened compartment on the Chest of Zanzibar.

Both crews simultaneously go on expeditions and decipher clues along the way to find gold coins hidden around the island of Dominica. During the expedition, there is the potential for the currently leading crew (based on the trailing member of the team) to "sabotage" the other crew at a given point and slow them down in the hunt, such as by causing a net to fall to block passage along a river.

The first crew to successfully retrieve the treasure, even if another crew arrived and started searching first, wins the treasure, and indicates their victory by firing a pistol to let the other crew know that the expedition is over.

At the end of each episode, there is a Pirates' Court. Prior to this Court's proceedings, the Captain distributes letters, three of which contain a black ink blot also called as the black spot.The three contestants marked with a "black spot" are the ones nominated to be voted off and cannot take part in the voting process that follows; the Captain and his officers are not allowed to vote either. The remaining crew members then cast their votes by impaling their ballots on an upturned dagger. The contestant with the most votes is then "cut adrift" also known as being voted off.

~~The info above are taken at here~~ To find out more bout the show, pay them a visit. Hee hee.

Overall, its not bad for the 1st show. Kinda interesting. Im not sure bout the repeat time but I do know that the show aired every Tuesday at 9pm at AXN channel 17. Gees, makes me miss those days where I followed the "Survivor" weekly. Its my favourite show during those times.


day-dreamer said...

I used to like Survivor. But grew sien of it after a few seasons.

But the islands they were sent to, really nice beaches!