Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Recently we have a plan to go to KL for a vacation. We planned to stay at one of the hotels in city center as this will be easier for us to go to the shooping complexes to do our shopping. After some consideration, we decided to stay at Traders Hotel, KL. But there is a major letdown – The room rates are rather expensive – USD 108. This makes us hesitate whether to proceed with the hotel reservation or not because we are going to stay for 4 nights, and it will cost us USD432, which is a whopping RM1555! We decided to look for another hotel which is cheaper and suits our budget. As we searched online, we went to this website – Hotel Reservations. This website is actually a website which enable us to make Hotel Reservations online. We decided to give it a try, and look for the best offer available. Guess what? They offered a much cheaper room rate for Traders Hotel at only USD80! This means that I can save up to USD112, which is equivalent to RM403! It is indeed that through this site, we can enjoy quite alot of savings. Thumbs up!

Later on, we checked on the details in the website. We were surprised that besides making hotel reservation, the website also enables us to purchase flight tickets, make reservations for car rental, and you can even look for a vacation package in the website. Through this website, you can plan your vacation in the easiest way. Everything can be done in the same website, making it so convenient for people to plan for their desired vacation at a cheaper price. No doubt, I enjoy using this website to plan for my vacation. So, plan your vacations and make hotel reservations today, and enjoy your vacation planning!

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