Monday, November 12, 2007

Rou Gu Cha King @ New World Park, Penang

As the title says it all. We went to this shop called Rou Gu Cha King to have our BKT. Its a bit high class than the normal average shop at the road side or any location.

You`ll be greated by this set of decoration of teas and its utensil upon reaching the shop.

The menu

We ordered 3 personal sets that comes with the BKT soup, rice, "yau char guai",vege and also normal tea. When i said normal, it means really normal lor but my uncle who came join us, he ordered the "special" tea that charged differently.

If im not mistaken, this is what my uncle ordered - Pu Er tea

The tea utensil set. Looked so pro. =P

This is what we`ve ordered that day :


(l-r) Vege (taugeh), "Yau Char Guai", Rice

(l-r) : Red Wine Rou Gu Cha, Dry Rou Gu Cha, Original Rou Gu Cha

Red Wine Rou Gu Cha:
Looked like original BKT but when you drink the soup, you`ll get to taste the red wine. The herbs and red wine combo - YUMMY.
Price - RM 12.90 per set

Dry Rou Gu Cha:
Soup less type of BKT. Cooked with those black soy sauce with lotsa lil` sotong. This type - Recommendable.
Price - RM10.90 per set

Original Rou Gu Cha :
Taste like your normal and original BKT. Taste wise - Not Bad
Price - RM 10.90 per set

Saw something cute when we`re eating half way :

A dolphin looked alike meat.

Forget the name of this dish - Golden bla bla bla =P This dish cost - RM 7 per plate but luckily, we didn`t order this dish as the waiter give them to the wrong table. =P

And the final bill for the dinner - ard RM 50 ++


Kenny Ng said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I miss Bak Kut Teh so much~~~~~~!!!

Chen said...

i had tried the original BKT, dried BKT and BKT noodle over there, but haven't try the red wine BKT yet :)

kyh said...

that dolphin lookalike looks like a roast duckie head to me lol... and the cabinet with all those teapots and stuff looks like a fridge opening at first sight. :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

kenny korkor : come back, go makan laa...or u wan DHL? hehe...=P

Jiejie : go try d red wine laa...very nice de...

kyh : hmm, bit bit looked like duckie also...kakaka..=P