Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Believe it or not !!

No no, i ts not that Ripley`s show. Its just something so bizarre that happened infront of you that you found it still so unbelievable.

Last Monday which was the 19th of Nov was the birthday of one of the Chinese god, "Ji Gong". Then, one of my relative`s place was holding this "party" to celebrate this god`s birthday. Later, this relative of mine was "possessed" by this Ji Gong. In Cantonese, they called it as " Thiu Thong" or something like that.

This picture was taken during the Ninth Emperor`s Festival and this guy in the middle was possessed by Na Cha.

This relative of mine got this kinda "power" that gods can get in and out from his body. Using his body to so - called help people. People can ask the god any questions that he or she wanted to know and he or she will get a solution from the god.

At times, the god will give 4 numbers for the "viewers" to buy. For example, during the process, one of the god gave 4 numbers which appear as 7274 then, the next day, magnum came up 9274 as third prize. Although not exactly the same, but the last 3 digits are exactly the same as predicted.

Then another incident was, my mum wanted to ask about my grandpa`s health, my mum just tell the god the name of my grandpa and the god knew that my grandpa is 75 this year even before my mum told the god.

There are a few incidents more but to cut the story short, do you believe those things? Its still a mystery to me but as my relative says :

" Dont believe this kinda things too much. You believe it is ok, but not too much and obsess with it "

Care to tell me you opinion?


Kenny Ng said...

I believe it but I don't obsess it. Last time I did follow the 9th Emperor's Festival and I played the drum for Na Cha leh... My hometown very famous in this kind of festival, they got 2 Ninth Emperor Temples in my hometown somemore.

After my grandma passed away, I don't follow it anymore. Anyway... I don't believe in the numbers they given, maybe because I don't gamble.

wendy yan said...

after and before watch it i not belive its true but after watch ah hong kor kor giv chai kong go into his body then i got 80% belive kenot B 100%