Friday, January 25, 2008


On the 22nd of January 2008, around 8.15pm, your 'heart' started to give way and showing symptom that you`ll leave me for real this time. We tried to save you but you`re too 'weak' to accept the treatment.

We knew that you will leave us soon but i couldnt believe that its that soon. I thought you`ll make it this time like you always do. You always give a positive respond to the treatment that was given by us. But, this time, you proved us wrong.

You showed no respond to the treatment that was given. Actually, signs was given few months before but i just let them off as i thought it was not that serious. Im sorry for did not bring you to 'doctor' for early treatment. Im so sorry. I was wrong.

You were 'coughing' badly for few days and your systems went haywire. You cant even recognised a simple things. I was sad seeing you that way but i did not give up. I believe that you can go through that hard time.

But at around 8.30 pm, we certified you. Your heart cant function anymore. Your 'heart' stop moving.

Im so sad. I have lost my companion which accompanied me for almost 6years. My companion that accompany me every day and night. My faithful friend. My loyal mate. You never failed to make me happy and yet, you make me frustrated too. But nevertheless, i love you to bits. You`re my 1st beloved thats why i never think of abandoning you even though you were sick.

Here, i would like to say a big "Thank You" to you. For everything that you have did to me. For everything that you have gave to me. Thank you so much. I miss touching you. I miss cleaning you up. I miss every single thing that we did together.

My friend.....

My faithful dektop that accompanied me for 6 years.

1st generation of pentium 4 with 1st generation of LCD screen.

Thank you for your service.


Kenny Ng said...

My deepest condolence to your PC... Suddenly I miss my 1st PC... Intel 233Mhz MMX only... hahaha

day-dreamer said...

Lols. So the dramatic. Haha!

Anyway, my condolences. But people say, "old one don't go, new one don't come". Haha. CNY is near, time for a new PC? :P

Wyn said...

Kenny korkor: Thanx wor..keke..wah...that 1 history d hor? spare part maybe dun have also d... =P

DD: Thanx...keng leh...macam very serious hor? drama princess..=P