Monday, January 21, 2008

How come?

Something on my mind just now. Heard from radio and read from the paper the other day that those people are shooting the stray dogs and hurt the man.

There used to be a lot of doggies at the place where i stay. Some of them are really cute and they are very tame. To me, the stray dogs are very unlucky. Compare to those home based doggies with owner, they are so unfortunate cuz they dun have proper meals to eat, proper place to sleep and nobody to take care of them.

But, why? People who once took care of them, throw them away. And, why those council people wanted to shoot them? Aint that cruel? Theres another option, right? Like take those stray dogs and put them into the jungle or something. Thats way more better that shoot them.

Back to my question. They shoot and "capture" stray dogs but how about those stray cats? Nobody seems to care bout cats. They are stray animals too, right?

Do they shoot the cats as well? Or they keep the cats at other places? Any idea?