Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Favorite actor or actress?

First of all, Im back from my short trip but actually, im back since last saturday. It was a fun and happy trip for both of us. Anyway, thats not my main point.

New semester has begun and today i attended the 1st classes of this semester. There nothing new except for new courses of course. And, im taking law paper this semester but dun get me wrong, im not a law student. I was just studying business law. =)

This lecture of mine is a lawyer but he`s a funny guy. Nice class too. He was randomly asking questions and this particular question caught my attention. He asked :

" What is your favorite actor / actress? "

He then asked me. I din know what to answered him that moment and i just answered him :

" I dont have any favorite actor / actress"

But, after that, i thought of something and wanted to answer him this :

" I am my favorite actress because i see myself as an actress as im acting in this life. All the things that have passes or going to happen in the future are just like a scene in the movie. As chinese proverb says " Life are like movies and movies are part of life " (errr, hope i get that right). Its like im portraying different roles and different approaches everyday. For example, I dun like going to lecture and sit there for hours but just because i want a "paper" for my future, i have to pretend that i love going to classes and attend lecture just for the sake of my future. Aint that acting?"

Do you all agree with me? Sometimes, even though we dun agree with something but still we do it because we want others to be happy or for the sake of something.


day-dreamer said...

Quite true, actually. Hehe.

Winn said...

but i dontwan to pretend all my life!

i m only a fan of myself when i'm in goood mood..heeeeeeee

Wyn said...

DD : glad that you agree with me...cuz i thought im the only 1 who think so...=P

winn jiejie : if you not in good mood neh? become anti-fan? hehe =P