Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Body" check-up and a Face Lift

Been almost 4 month now. Therefore, its time for "body" check-up and get some new "medicine" for smooth flow. After that, went for another check-up which required some face lift. OMG...i can hear *kah ch`ng kah ch`ng* d.

No la, Im not sick neither my family members. Touch wood. Hee hee. What i meant here was, its my Baby`s "body" check-up. My BB is my precious Kenari Aerosport. Its already done the 5k period and its time to change its oil filter and stuff.

BB with the changing oil machine. Looked like those oxygen machine to me. hehe

Yuckz. Black Black oil.

So, after breaky with mum, we went to our mechanic for the check-up. Change oil filter etc etc which cost my mum ard RM50. Cheap, ei? Hehe...

Then, we went to tires shop with initial plan of doing the alignments and balancing for BB but from what is the initial plan, changed to a face lift. Mum heard *kah ch`ng kah ch`ng* again. *Oops* =P

Old rims. Byebye.Thank you for your service.

One of BB`s rim was crooked and needed "repair". Therefore, mum allow me to change rims for BB. I`ve been "manja-ing" mum for the rims for ages and now she allow me to do so. Superduper happy. Hahahaha. So, i happily look for a rims that suit BB and finally found 1. It was imported from Taiwan rims but not so branded but looked nice and cool. I like.Mum like it too. Cost RM900 for 4sets of 14".

Hello to new rims.

And then, from just changing rims, it became change-the-tires for BB also. Initially, mum reject the plan but because of the person offers a price that`s kind of un-rejectable. Mum change BB`s tires for me also. Wow, what a day for me. SUPERDUPER x100 happy for me. Changed to a Yokohama 165 blah blah type A Drive thingy.

Then, I asked mum to change its nuts for me. Those that lock the rims 1. Special nuts coz scared people might be able to steal the rims away if using the normal 1. =)

Super combo. New rims. Brand new tires and blue nuts. Purrr-fect.

Mum are RM 1170 poorer. OOps..Result - super smooth and light drive. Nice.

Thank you, mum.