Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ice cream or Gelato?

Suddenly, im craving for gelato.

Im sure most of you knows what is gelato but still,lemme tell you bits bout it. =P But im lazy to type its out, so i just quote it from wikipedia. Hehe

Gelato, or the plural Gelati, is Italian ice cream made from a liquid, milk or water; a solid, sugar, fats or sweeteners; flavorings, pastes, fruit powders; stabilizers, guar gum, locust bean, etc.; emulsifiers, mono- and digylcerides; and air. The process in which gelato is made varies on the ingredients used as it can be made using a hot process, which includes pasteurization or as a cold process which doesn't require pastuerization. Both processes require a gelato batch freezer, which makes the end product by mixing the ingredients and incorporating air. Like high-end ice cream, gelato generally has less than 55% air, resulting in a denser and more flavorful product.

In my opinion, it does taste nicer than normal ice cream and basedon the definition, it seems healthier to me. *yummmyummm*

Anyway, I had gelato at this outlet called Gelatissimo located at the Pavilion, KL during my visit in the begining of this year.

They do have a variety of choices to choose from and by just looking at those gelato, it makes me wana have they all. But it will cost me loads. =(

Its just part of the variety selection. Looks tempting?Still have the "Merry Christmas" wishes. =P

After sometime of testing those gelati, i made up my mind for 2 types of flavour but i`ve forgot what i chose. But believe me, its really really yummy.

I WANT MY GELATO NOW !!!!! *grumpy*


day-dreamer said...

I tried this brand too, not bad. :D

Wyn said...

yummy hor? hehe