Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping spree

Due to the megasales event going on, we had our shopping spree last weekend. At 1st, its just Woofy who wana buy some clothing for himself but in the end.....

Hehe. I cant tahan myself where i also "bought" a few things (Woofy pay laa, of course =P)

This is what we got for ourselves.

For him :

Round neck tee from Samuel and Kelvin (Rm27 - after duno how many percent) , Polo tee from Baleno (RM55.20- after duno how many percent), pants from Bossini (Rm 53.40 after discount 40%) and undies from Renoma (RM 26.91 after discount 10%). =P

For her :

Polo tee from Bossini (RM 34.50 after discount 50%), Angel long white pants from Giordano (RM 44.50 after discount 50%) and Sally Hansen`s nail remover from SaSa (RM12.90)
Sally Hansen nail polisher from SaSa (RM19.90)

On Sunday, it was our family day and after our breakfast, we including my parents went to Island Plaza for a walk (note: initial plan just to do some window shopping) but...

....duno what happened to us including my parents, we went to shopping instead. =.=

For him :

Renoma tee shirt (RM45 after discount 50%) and John Langford shirt (RM32)

My dad bought 2 shirt from John Langford too and my mum bought 1 short for my god-brother.

Then, during the noon time, me and Woofy went to the PC Fair to look for some cheap gadgets. And again, this is what we got.

A pinky mouse (RM 25), 2 1 Gb M2 memory cards for our phone (RM 31 each -another 1 card is not in the picture) and 4Gb of memory card for my PSP ( RM 66)
Then, in the nite time, as we were waiting for my mum to attend a function, we went for a walk at Gurney Plaza and we buy thing again. This time is my turn.
I got a :

Pinky iPanema slipper ( RM 31.92 after discount 20%)

And, thats we had over the weekend in which we spend RM 536.23 in 2 days.

Ouch !!!! Now thats hurt...time to makan roti again and save till the next Megasales. hehe...


day-dreamer said...


I haven't really go shop. But I lazy. Shopping not quite my cuppa. Coz after walking too long, my back hurts. LOL.

Wyn said...

hehe...i only like shopping wen got $$$...else, see see enuff oh...

ur back ok d ar? still pain?

Wyn said...
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Anonymous said...

Megasale is the best! I miss shopping back home so much!

Will said...

wah... so rich, buy so many things :P

Wyn said...

cc : yea...megasale is the best cuz many discount...hehe

will korkor : not rich laa...wer got wor...just dat got many discount den can buy many things lor..=P

Wyn said...
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