Monday, August 4, 2008

Penang International Dragon Boat Festival

We went to the Dragon Boat International Race yesterday. It was held at Teluk Bahang Dam which stated from 31st of July till 3rd of August and yesterday was the grand final for each categories that those rowers were racing in.

It was a rather nice weather yesterday with occasionally cloudy and a bit of sun. Lucky for us as its not that hot. There, they provided the spectators with free shuttle buses as those who came by cars can park their car opposite the Taman Teluk Bahang and those bus will transport you to the entrance of the event. very considerate of those sponsors. *thumbs up for them*

See, they even provide bathing area for the rowers or contestants.

The main entrance and also the resting area for those contestants. And, oh, most of those young rowers are very handsome and very muscular. *drools* LOLZ
Along the way, we saw many teams exercising and practising their movement.

The kawaii japanese girls team.

The Penang boys team

After some walk, we finally reached the racing area. Saw many peopleand supporters there and not forgeting the main "actor" - the dragon boat itself.

Closer look on the dragon head

Then, we walk to the VIP stand area. From there, the view was better and we get to have some shades there too. =P

After each race, there was this prize presenting session.

The main trophy

The Canada team emerged as the winning team - the guys team

We were there for a few hours and before we left the event, there was this contestant from Canada who were having difficulties in breathing. he was then sent to the medical area for help. maybe due to the hot weather. Hope he`s ok by now.

I never been to a dragon boat race in my life and what im experiencing yesterday was a really nice day out for me.


On a unrelated event, guess what we saw in the middle of those rocks? See anything there?

If you see carefully, you can see this :

The lonely phtographer. So pro.


day-dreamer said...

The dragon head so... small! LOL~

The lollipop not mine neh... :P

CK Lam said...

Wow...nice of you to share all the photos on this event.
Btw, I like the cute little clock you have on your blog with two cars going round and round.

Wyn said...

DD : cut cost mah...keke...=P

curi 1 lor...or i share share with you...hehe

ck lam: thanx for dropping by...=P

err...i think those are not cars but two lil` thingy sliding down the slide...hehe