Friday, August 22, 2008

Kitty Cat

Read this cruel things that happenedto cute doggies in jiejie`s blog. This makes me wonder what happened to "them" (picture below)

Although im not cat lovers but i found them really cute especially when they are small. Makes one want to "sayang" them. But its so pity that they are stray cats and nobody really wants to take care of them. Thus, they are left always in hunger and cold. *sniff*

Saw those kitties when I was having breakfast with my mum at the market. The 2 in the picture above were happily playing and care free - no worries at all. But we all know,that their fate will be a difficult 1. Open to all sort of risk - being capture and "kill" , hunger , being abuse, etc.

She`s so cute with round round big eyes.

I wonder how they are now. Hopefully, some good heart people adopt them.


Chen said...

Yeah, animals have feelings and emotions too. I hate those people who abuse and beat animals. Normally under normal circumstances, most animals will behave unless if they are provoked.

Wyn said...

agree with jiejie...they are well-behaved animals...they attack ppl or behave badly because they want to protect themselves..


Wyn said...
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