Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Wow...Its been sometime since i last blogged.

So, hows everybody? Getting very well, i hope...=)

Im currently very busy with my studies as exam is ongoing now. However, i just left with 1 final paper which fall on the 2nd of May. So, can relax abit right now. Hehe.

Alot of things happened since last week. Let do some recap :

20th April :
Attended my 1st ever formal interview in my life. Kinda exciting though. Hehe. I think the interview went quiet ok and Im still waiting for the confirmation if i got it or not. Hopefully, i got a positive answer from them.

21st April :
Went to my 2nd interview with another company where they decide to hire me on the spot but im not happy with it. There are some factors that i dont like. But i cant be so choosy right? But if given other options, i definitely wont choose that company although im placed in a good division or department.

22nd - 23rd April :
Stay at home doing revision for up coming exam.

24th April :
Had the 1st paper for the final. I guess i do quiet well in it. Got confidence to score on that paper. Hope my assumption is correct on this. Hehe...

25th - 26th April :
Doing revision

27th April :
Had the 2nd paper but i dont think i did very well in it. Hmmmm. Kinda sad though. Dont think can get a very good score in that paper. =(

28th April :
Had my 1st finance paper today. Did ok but still dont think its enough. Haiz....What am i doing? =(

Need to stay focus on my last paper for my degree. Time flies fast huh? 2 years just gone like that. Still remember that 2 years ago, i started my degree and now, its coming to an end. My study life will come to end for now. Period. As i wont stop studying and will keep studying in the future, just dont know when.

I gave myself a time line for 2 years before i start studying again. Hope i can achieve my goals. Hehe..


day-dreamer said...

So nice ler... my paper only starts tomorrow. :(

Wyn said...

good luck in ur exam ya...